10 years of IFRS: quality, user-friendliness and impact on the role of the CFO

Deloitte explains IFRS developments over the past 10 years. This publication is a must read if you need to explain how IFRS helps and harms the quality and user-friendliness of financial reporting. Or if you want to understand how changes in IFRS affect the current and future role of the CFO.

As described by Deloitte, we see more (and new) difficulties arising during audits, accelerated adoption of new technologies like smart contracts, and (the need for) focus on contract management, risk management and loan covenants. At Beerensteyn Partners, we help companies resetting the CFO agenda and recognize that today’s CFO's are responsible for much more than finance. Please contact us if you want to explore the CFO agenda, including changes in financial reporting, in more detail.

10 years of IFRS: the chaning role of the CFO

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