Our services: interim and advisory

Beerensteyn Partners help you getting your business back on track by offering the following services:

The CFO in crisis and deals

We support the CFO in crisis situations, during re-financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions. If needed, we can temporarily assume the role of CFO during emergency situations.

Crisis management and deals: 
David Veerbeek

Interim management: 
Joost van Beem 

The CFO in business

We support the CFO in improvement
processes, restructuring and connecting with the business. Additionally, we can temporarily assume the role of Head of Finance Transformation.

Finance transformation: 
Joost van Beem

Business control:
Denise van Immerseel

The CFO in control

We support the CFO with financial reporting and audit readiness. We also facilitate internal audits. On occasion, we offer financial masterclasses for executive directors and non-executives.

Reporting and audit readiness: 
Zlatan Hot

Governance and masterclasses:
David Veerbeek

“Current assignments are about short-term replacement, deal support for the CFO/COO and our practical approach towards aligning strategy, finance and operations.”

Our clients

Beerensteyn Partners work for executive directors, non-executives and shareholders of:
•  Listed public companies pursuing pragmatic execution
•  Family-owned businesses in need for a more structured approach
•  Private equity funds demanding a sharp eye and speed

Our way of working and value added

By solving complex issues, Beerensteyn Partners support you in focusing on your business again.

Our way of working is based on:

  • Seniority in the boardroom
  • Benchmarking and best practice models
  • On-the-job coaching and hands-on tools and templates

  • Energizing people and optimizing the use of resources
  • Improving (business) focus

Value added:

  • Clear communication with all stakeholders

  • Proven frameworks for making improvements
  • Empowered people and faster processes
  • Solutions embedded within your organization

  • Reduction of unnecessary steps and work-arounds

Beerensteyn Partners

What our clients say

Our team

Beerensteyn Partners are professionals with:

  • Up-to-date knowledge at academic/MBA level combined with the relevant permanent education.
  • More than 20 years of experience, including boardroom and international exposure.
  • The ability to simplify complex issues, to identify potential for improvement and to implement these successfully.
  • Seniority in communication combined with a hands-on mentality when managing teams.
Beerensteyn Partners

"From the first moment you will speak with the people doing business with you."



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The roots of Beerensteyn Partners

Beerensteyn Partners was founded by David Veerbeek and his partners, with the ambition to quickly and competently support organizations facing complex issues.

With 20 years of experience at PwC, David has a strong understanding of the boardroom agenda. He is an all-round sparring partner for the board and speaks the language of executive directors, non-executives and shareholders. He also has a proven track record at numerous and many different organizations.

Beerensteyn Partners are senior professionals carefully selected with the highest diligence, and precision. We believe in intensive co-operation and the proven added value thereof. Our entire team is energetic, committed, highly communicative and entrepreneurial.

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